Project for the Ukrainian Association of EFT Therapists. Developed on the WordPress platform with Elementor integration, featuring a unique user dashboard implementation.

This project aims to enhance the online presence and functionality of the UAEFT Therapists through the utilization of WordPress, coupled with the powerful capabilities of Elementor. The primary focus is on creating a user-friendly and visually appealing website that caters to the specific needs of EFT therapists and their clients.



Migration of the project from Tilda to WordPress with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) involves not only the transfer of existing content but also the development of a custom theme tailored to preserve and enhance the current functionality. Additionally, custom sections such as course management and career-related features have been refined and expanded. Furthermore, the integration of a third-party Learning Management System (LMS) has been seamlessly incorporated into the project.



The project involves developing a website based on the Elementor tool, following the provided design. The website will be developed while adhering to all requirements and design principles.



The project entails creating an online platform for NFC cards where users can display their publicly accessible contact information. The WordPress platform will be used for implementation to ensure easy administration and expandability of functionality. Using the WooCommerce plugin and Elementor tool, a customized order fulfillment system will be developed to enable users to easily purchase NFC cards and manage their profiles.


Gulf Health Council

This project involves creating a unique website using the powerful Elementor Page Builder tool. A custom theme will be developed specifically tailored to the project requirements. A testing system will also be implemented, allowing users to take tests directly on the website. A custom form will be designed to facilitate interaction with visitors. Additionally, additional functionality related to event organization and management will be added.